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Top Pitching Velocity Tips on the Web

Visit the source for Pitching Instruction for more info. Pitch from the ground up Most of us make the mistake at a very young age, that to throw a baseball solely takes the arm to perform the job. Then as we grow bigger and move up levels in the game, we find ourselves continuing to only use our shoulders and arms to throw the ball. This is a serious problem. For this reason we still have a unusual volume of shoulder and elbow injuries in the game. You need to alter your perspective. You will need to teach your body to recruit bigger muscle groups... more

Should Pitchers Throw a Football?

I get this question a lot. More than likely this picture of Nolan Ryan throwing a football will answer the question for most people. The problem is just because a pro is doing it, doesn’t make it right. For example, there are a lot of pro’s who recommend baking a new glove in the oven to help break it in, but the glove companies are totally against this. So who do you believe? I would believe the glove companies because they actually study the science of glove making. Just like I would listen to a well educated experienced coach before... more